When you're looking for the kind of personalized service and responsiveness that existed before the world became automated, look to Raleigh Real Estate Agent, Ward Wilkes.

While he embraces technology as a valuable tool to help him communicate with his clients and market his listing, he believes in old-fashioned activities like answering the phone, listening carefully, and being responsive to his client's wants, needs, questions and concerns. He also believes on staying on top of things and anticipating each step of the goals of his clients, which is one reason most of his homes sell at list price.

Ward also enjoys working with single family residences, condos and townhomes. These are some of the homes purchased and sold by some of his favorite clients- first time home buyers, military personal and his experience in residential construction is just another skill set he brings to his clients.

Before he launched his career as a licensed Real Estate Broker he proudly served in the United States Army and then became a Sworn Police Officer in Montgomery Alabama his home state, he later launched a residential construction company that specialized in remodeling, bathrooms, kitchens, basements. While the satisfaction of his clients quickly spread, unfortunately he was unable to withstand the housing crash that effected many.

Ward Wilkes goal is to provide personalized service, with a hands on approach in each step of the transaction. Ward is present and engaged at all his home inspections, with a ready list of proven professionals in all areas of residential repairs.

With Ward's love of real estate, he didn't stop with getting a North Carolina real estate license. He regularly invests in additional courses to sharpen his skills, far above what the North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires.

Ward's personalized slogan is "Bringing You Home, One Family at a Time" and according to his past clients, he's doing just that.

100 Lynn Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

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